Concentric Duplex Annealing OFC





Duplex Annealing

Oxygen-free Copper

Pro structural design for supreme sound performance with an affordable price, and multiple choices.



Pro structural design for supreme sound performance with an affordable price, and multiple choices.


Same as the cables, we use structure designs to optimize the performance of a driver making the driver maximize its utility. One of our single driver IEM is now in design and will be ready soon. 


​IEM Adapter, MMCX/0.78 cable adapters we manufacture are sold globally.

Use these to convert a two-pin cable into an MMCX cable, or an MMCX cable into a two-pin cable. Or even a MMCX or two-pin cable to a 3.5mm headphone cable. 



The Adapter with various connector plans and great sound quality is for pre-order!



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    IEM Cables we make uses OFC, OCC material, cutting edge & patent technology are used in the structural design of the cables.

    Cables of OEAudio has extreme high performance and attractable sound.

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    We make 2Pin/0.78mm/IEM/CIEM/Fitear Connectors. LCP molding is used to prevent high heat during solder. Connectors we make have supreme sound performance.

All You Needed!

​With a great sound performance achieved by German-made OFC material and a perfectly-calculated design, the 2DualOFC cable fulfills your every need for sound and experience. It is extremely soft and with a choice of 5 types of plugs and 2 kinds of connectors. All at a super reasonable price.

The Lightning plug is Apple original, not from 3rd party manufacturers. And the Type-C plug has been THX certificated with high sound performance.


About OEAudio®

OEAudio® makes high performance audio gadgets, earphones, cables which are currently selling in US, UK, JP, DE, CN. Products of us has extremely low returns and high reputation because of the quality. We have high margin as well as good service and lead time for distributors.

The Multi-Plug

2DualOFC Cable

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