The OE Audio High-Performance IEM Connector (0.78mm/2pin, MMCX)



Material: LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer)

Conductor: High Conductivity Tellurium Copper/Oxygen-Free Phosphorus Copper

Cladding: 10U Gold Plated

Process: CNC Turning

Outlet Diameter: 3.5mm

Heat Resistance: More than 640°F



The connectors by OE Audio is made for the best performance for audiophiles who love to make their own cables. We achieve high performance by using cutting edge technology and also high-quality raw materials. LCP is used in the molding process of the 0.78 2pin connectors and the shells, which eliminates the interference between the Signal & GND, making the sound clearer. The shells are also made of LCP which even eliminates the interference of the outer signals in the air. High Conductivity Tellurium Copper with high accuracy CNC processing is selected to reduce the signal loss caused by the material its self which maximizes the details. 10U Thickness of Gold is platted on the connectors which are almost the thickest in the world (Oyaide-4U), the 10U thickness of gold-clad makes us adjust the sound with augmented performance in Bass. 


Soldering & Installing of the connector is easy since