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The OEAudio Brand New 2Dual Series 


Concentric Purified Silver

A silver cable with great performance, only for Pro Audio Lovers 







Ohno Continuous Casting 

The OEAudio Brand New 2Dual Series 

Purified Process Conductors

Concentric-Lay Structures

Soft and Fine Cable Body

with a total of 148 strands. 

· Various connector plans, for MMCX and 2Pin earphones.

· 37*0.06mm Silver Strands in each cord,

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To eliminate the negative effect of the current magnetic effect, OEAudio utilized the Concentric-Lay Structure into the new 2Dual Series. 

· Why do we Name the Cable 2DualCPS

2Dual represents the structure of the cable. The conductors are Teflon coated and accurately twisted, and covered with medical grade TPU sheath, then twisted again. 
This structure has the advantage of 1. Effectively shielding interference from both internal and external electrical signals. 2. Preventing the conductors from being oxidated 3. Providing an experience of comfort, good looking, and soft. 

Concentric Stranded Conductors are constructed with a central core wire, surrounded by one or more layers of helically laid wires with each successive layer alternating in direction or uni-directional.

The regular pattern of the Concentric-Lay structure eliminates the negative effects such as loss of signals jumping inside out the cable through various conductors. 

Then the conductors are coated with clean Teflon coatings and twisted. The whole process from wire drawing to complete cable manufacturing takes less than 4 days so that oxidation is limited.

C stands for Concentric-Lay Structure

To eliminate the negative effect of the current magnetic effect, OEAudio utilized the Concentric-Lay Structure into the new 2Dual Series. 

Unlike ordinary structures which cross-section of the conductor seems more like non-regular patterns which cause signal accumulation in some spots which negatively affect the high-frequency response of the cable. The cross-section of the Concentric-Lay conductors is closer to a circle, which signals are more evenly distributed across the outer layer, providing a bigger area for the signals to pass through, resulting in more stable highs. 

The distribution of the conductors is even and uniform. The internal structure of the cable will not easily be disorganized even being affected by external forces (such as bending)

Before the conductors are extended, they are peeled, and impurities are peeled off the conductors leaving a smooth surface. 

The wire drawing process is done in protection liquid, to ensure that the conductors are not oxidized by air. 

P stands for Purified Process 

Impurities are not only contained in the conductors, but they also accumulate because of oxygen since the conductors are manufactured. 
The purifying process is in every process of manufacturing of OEAudio. 

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The 2DualCPS utilizes the OCC method during manufacturing, which impurities are less than 10PPM. We also use natural diamond made peel holes during cable drawings, ensuring that the cable has a smooth and undamaged surface.

S stands for Silver

Silver has the best electrical conductivity in normal temperatures. Before, silver cables are known as having extensive highs and a stimulating sound. But, by research, it is also found that when the surface of the silver conductors becomes smoother, the sound becomes more balanced.

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Thanks to the excellent materials002C processes, and manufacturer management, the 2DualCPS has a leap in sound quality.

Clear -

The clearness of the sound is always the first impression that the 2DualCPS gives to users. The resolution of the sound is supreme, and even the smallest details in the music can be projected due to the technological methods we utilized during the production process.

Sound Stage-

Thanks to the structure of the cable, the sound stage of the cable is huge, along with a clear background. Vocals and instruments have less interference with each other.



Bass is the fundamental of sound, the 2DualCPS has a steady and bouncy bass, Multiple Selections of Connectors

2DualCPS web6.jpg


Original Lightning Plug- We use the original Lightning C100 connector

cirrus logic.png

The latest Type-C chip is integrated into the Type-C version, the

Audio grade materials, internal and external 3U Gold Plated 

                           CS46L61 chip has an SNR of 121db, with a -98dB THD+N, supporting up to 384KHz/32bit formats, having an output of 0.95mV@32ohm.

The connectors are from the OEAudio supply chain.

2DualCPS web7.jpg

Double injection molding technology is used in the connectors, has better quality than hand-soldered connectors.

A soft plastic slider spilt in the middle of the cable.​​

Earhook-free design, multiple ways of connecting to your earphone.

Customized Oyaide Solder, 4.7% silver contained. Cables are soldered with low-temperature equipment which enhances the sound performance down to every simple detail.

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