A Patented Groundbreaking Design


Only the size of a normal 3.5mm TRS plug An Astonishing 20.5mm length

Oyaide 3.5mm Plug
Multi-Plug 3.5mm Plug
Size Compared to an Oyaide Plug
No Vulnerable Structures and Sustainable During Use
Extreme       Performance
Super-Low Impedance

Fully customized parts and cord-free connections inside the plug resulting a super-low impedance about only 4mOhms. Much more lower than similar products.

Selected Materials

Every detail is fully considered and optimized to fulfill needs of audio lovers

CNC crafted thick-gold platted Audio-grade brass are used
Shells are made of Ni-Platted Brass Shields Electromagnetic Radiation
LCP Plastic usually used on Antennas are utilized
LCP has great electric performance and provides up to 300°C heat resistance
Aluminum-Alloy CNC Shell
Surface Anode Processed
Light and Tough
No Visible Vulnerable Structures
More sustainable than self-lock structured plugs
There is no difference
from a normal plug during use.  
Easy to Use
Considerate Layout
Prevents Short-circuits 
Solder cups are well designed and laid-out to prevent short-circuits
And LCP material is in capable of enduring long time of high heat

The Multi-Plug

2DualOFC Cable

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