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We use structure designs to optimize the performance of a driver making the driver maximize its utility. Tita is our high-end earphone and has exchangable back-shells for sound adjustments. Ala utilizes our customized BA driver and has a unique sound. 


World's best seller MMCX/0.78 cable adapters which are sold globally. The adapters are for both IEMs and headphones. 

Use these to convert a two-pin cable into an MMCX cable, or an MMCX cable into a two-pin cable. Or even a MMCX or two-pin cable to a 3.5mm headphone cable. 


OTG Digital Cable

The OEOTG Digital Cable can be used on portable DACs. The cable is made of Made in Japan Cords. With enhanced shielding and a 90Ohm featured impedance, the sound is clearer and has more details. The Lightning version is highlighted for its 5V 200mA powerful power supply. 

Various types of connectors are available.

Unlike other IEM cable makers who mainly focus on the material of the cable, we spend more time on the structure and insulation design which boosts the performance of the cable.


We use highly complicated structures in our top class product lines, and cutting edge technology as well as patents are used to achieve the design during manufacture. 


The Multi-Plug

The Adapter with various of connector plans and great sound quality will be announced on 2, Nov, at Fujiya Avic Conference in Japan. 

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We architect and manufacture Hi-End earphone connectors (2-Pin, MMCX, Fitear) and audio jacks (3.5mm, 2.5mm, 4.4mm) mainly using the LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) molding technique. We are the first in the world to utilize the LCP material in the Hi-Fi industry. 

LCP has a great performance in heat resistance and also has a low dielectric constant which optimizes the sound quality of your self made cable.


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