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Inheriting the superb user experience of the 2Dual Series

An Entry Ticket to OE

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Slim  & Soft

Lightweight Design

Small and dedicate plug, connector, and splitter are used


Featured Structure of the 2Dual Series

Molding plug and connector

Damage prevention SR

Excellent Crafting

Durable and reliable

Comfortable to use


·Sound with warmth

·Energetic Highs

·Prominent vocals

5μm Thick High-Purity Silver Platted on Surface

Nexans OFC

Impurities: ≤8PPM

Made in Japan natural diamond die

Made in Germany Nexans High-Purity Oxygen-Free Copper Utilized

Ensures efficient signal transmission and a low loss.

Teflon insulated conductors

Less likely to be oxidized


Cords accurately twisted and covered with medical grade TPU sheath

Soft and friendly to human skin, won't be hardened


Double twisted structure

Effectively reduces Differential mode interference and external interference

All Analog Plugs are Imported, with 3μm Gold Platted

Abundant Choices of High-Quality Plug Types




Selected high-conductivity copper,

ensuring sound quality and durability


Upgradable with iOS

C100 Chip

Ensuring sound quality, unafraid of upgrades

Audio grade materials,

internal and external 3U Gold Plated 
supporting up to 384KHz/32bit formats,

Connectors are from

OE Exclusive Suppliers



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