8 Cord x 19 Strand (27awg) Star-Quad Twisting

Adapted with Multi-Plug

Inflate Design

Tellurium Copper Connector


High Purity OFC

8-Cord Silver-Plated OFC Cable

Oxygen: <8PPM

PPM: One part per Million, equivalent to purity higher than 5N

Nexans High Purity Oxygen-free Copper

Crafted from Made in Germany Nexans High Purity Oxygen-free Copper

Made in Japan Natural Diamond Peeling Mold

Product features:

101.3% IACS Conductivity

Peeled from a whole copper stick

Intercritical Annealing 

Ensuring an efficient signal transmission and low loss

5 μm thick layer of silver plated

  • 0.08x19 Strand per cord (27awg)

  • Medical Grade Teflon Sheath 

Wide, Transparent, Rich, and Solid

Thanks to the complex structural design and the superb quality of the material, the cable delivers a wide sound stage and a stable background. The outstanding extensions of highs, rich mids, and steady lows can effectively solve most problems such as lack of details, sound stage of the stock cable.

  • 4 Cord per side 

  • Twisted 

  • Star-Quad Twisting can reduce external interference

Wide, Transparent,

Rich, and Solid

Experience, thinner than ordinary 8 cord cables


Adapted with OEAudio LCP Connectors

Access www.oeaudio.net/connector For more information.

Other Brands

Multi-Plug Included

The 2QualSPC Cable is soldered with the Multi-Plug terminal, and a 3.5mm Multi-Plug Connector is contained.

MMCX Connector

Access www.oeaudio.net /multiplug for more details and for other plugs

CIEM Connector

A Patented Groundbreaking Design


Only the size of a normal 3.5mm TRS plug An Astonishing 20.5mm length

Oyaide 3.5mm Plug
Multi-Plug 3.5mm Plug
Size Compared to an Oyaide Plug
Extreme       Performance
No Vulnerable Structures and Sustainable During Use
Super-Low Impedance

Fully customized parts and cord-free connections inside the plug resulting a super-low impedance about only 4mOhms. Much more lower than similar products.

With High Conductivity Tellurium Copper

Heat Resistant

LCP Material Usage




Oxygen-Free Gold-Plated Phosphorus Copper


Process:             CNC Turning

Outlet Diameter:  3.5mm

Heat Resistance:  More than 640°F

Material:     LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer)

Conductor:  High Conductivity Tellurium Copper

                 Oxygen-Free Phosphorus Copper

Cladding:   10U Gold Plated

0.78mm 2Pin


Inner Diameter



LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer)

• Superior Heat Resistance Keeps the Connector from Damaging During DIY

• Low Dielectric Constant & Interference Makes Sound Pure

• Stable & Anti-Oxidation Keeps the Sound Performance Unchange

Conductor & Surfacing

• Tellurium Copper Eliminates Signal Loss Because of High Conductivity

• Accurate CNC Turning with Smooth Surfacing

 Thick Gold-Plated, Eliminating influence of the Ni-Based Cladding

The Multi-Plug

2DualOFC Cable

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