ADAPTER For IEM Cable(Angled)

Material:     PU 

Conductor:  Oxygen-Free Phosphorus Copper

Cladding:   3U Gold Plated

Process:     CNC Turning

Length:      10.22mm



• Adopt a Single Cable to Various of IEMs

• Sound Testing During Cable DIY


• Angled

• 9.5% Silver Soldering with Low Loss of Signal

• Accurate CNC Turning with Smooth Surfacing

 3U  Gold-Plated

 Tiny and Comfortable 

  Super Quality & 100 Days Warranty 

2Pin-MMCX (Male)

Ready for: IEM Earphones etc.

MMCX - 2Pin (Male)

Ready for: IEM Earphones etc.

Customer feedback

Customer review

"Then I noticed MusicTeck listed new OE Audio adapters and decided to give them a try. Never heard of this company before, Optimization Elements, but they turned out to be the best I have tried so far"


​——Teo on



——Customer of E-Earphone

"Even with adapters, the fit was very comfortable, and the cable went up around my ears without a problem, sitting snugly with IEM secure in my ears. "


​——Alex from Twister 6 Review

The Multi-Plug

2DualOFC Cable

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