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Lightning to Micro USB

Type-C to Type-C

Type-C to Lightning

Type-C to Micro USB

OEOTG Digital Cable
 for High Resolution Audio

OEAudio Digital Audio Cable

Normal OTG cable for Hi-Fi audio loves to use DIY cable or ordinary industrial Tin-plated cable as cord, which rarely has a 90Ohm featured impedance nor shielding that complies with the USB standard. Resulting in a poor performance. 

A Cable that Complies with the USB2.0 Standard

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The USB data lines, D- and D+, should be routed as a differential pair. The trace impedance should be matched to the USB cable differential impedance, which is nominally 90 ohms for the signal pair. This allows routing of very closely spaced differential pairs that use little cable area.

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Aluminum Foil 100% Shielding

Signal Wire
7*0.12mm, Annealed OFC Conductors, 
Expanded PE Insulation.

Drain Wire
1*0.4mm Annealed OFC Conductors


Power Wire
7*0.16mm Annealed OFC Conductors, 
Semirigid Vinyl Insulation.

Impedance matching of USB Bus

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Zinc alloy chrome plating
Enhanced Shielding, & High permeability

The OEOTG cable utilized Made in Japan cord that complies with the USB2.0 Standard. With 90Ohm impedance and 100% aluminum foil shielding that complies with the UL813 Standard, the cable is ready for providing a superior sound quality. 
The DATA cord consists of a pair of 28AWG Annealed OFC cables, with an expanded PVC coating that ensures the purity of the signal. The POWER cord consists of a pair of 26AWG Annealed OFC cables, which fulfills the needs of power supply of audio grade products.

Most of the Lightning OTG cables,

which have output of 3.3V 100mA cannot fulfill

the need for portable DACs. We redesigned the circuit,

which the OEOTG cable can achieve a 5V 200mA output.

Silver-Contained Audio Grade Solder Used

Born for High Performance Audio

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